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We’ve always heard of technology helping mankind, treasuring progress, and making lives easier. But how about using some at your next event? Tecogis is your one stop for all the software and digital solutions as well as event management services.Rewind two decades, and Tecogis was born with ambition and technical know-how. Today, a start-up has turned into a market leader and know-how into expertise.

This empowered our savoir-faire with leading edge grooves and made us India’s largest technology registration company in no time. Combining our expert proficiency with our endowed high-tech solutions, Tecogis incorporates state-of-the-art technology and unconventional event services and solutions to exceeded client expectations.

This synergy has encouraged us to sweep off many of the biggest clients/events in the industry like IIJS, Plastindia, Elecrama, HGH India, Goa Fest, ITME, Nasscom and GTTES amongst other supreme event industry players.

Tecogis is always ready for a cutting-edge odyssey, delivering crackerjack services with finesse.

We present to you a change that the industry has never experienced before. An innovation that has ushered us to create a world of our own – Welcome to Tecogis - Uncommon Thinking.


How can an event management company be boring? After all, all we do is organize events for socializing and entertainment! Well, we work really hard and you’ve probably already read about that.

Meet our CEO. I mean the Chief Entertainment Officer, organizing events for clients as well employees. There are office parties, picnics, trips, blah blah blah. In such a busy schedule he magically manages to squeeze in some work for our clients. Tough job eh?

Life @ Tecogis

Exhibition Excellence Awards 2022

Category: The Tech Catalyst

"The Tech Catalyst” Award at Exhibition Excellence Awards 2022

Honoured to take home the "Tech Catalyst" Award at the prestigious Exhibition Excellence Awards 2022 held in Greater Noida

Eventex Award 2019

Category: Event Ticketing Solution

1st prize in “Event Ticketing Solution” at the 9th Global Eventex 2019 Awards

Founded in 2009 to celebrate creativity, innovation and effectiveness in the industry, today Eventex Awards is the most esteemed accolade in the world of events and a true symbol of excellence.

Exhibition Excellence Awards 2019

"The Tech Catalyst” Award at Exhibition Excellence Awards 2019

Honoured to take home the "Tech Catalyst" Award at the prestigious Exhibition Excellence Awards 2019 held in Greater Noida

Exhibition Excellence Awards 2018

Tecogis Wins "Excellence in Technology & Innovation Award" at Exhibition Excellence Awards 2018

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Tecogis Pvt. Ltd.
302 - 303, Mahalaxmi Industrial Estate,
Gandhi Nagar, Lower Parel (West),
Mumbai - 400 013.

+91 22 4020 3600



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